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Transit visas

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Transit Visas

Detailed information about Transit visas is available from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website.

Who needs a transit visa?

Travellers from some countries who intend to transit Australia by air within 8 hours of their arrival and hold confirmed bookings and documentation necessary to enter the country of destination do not need a Transit visa.   For a list of countries, see:

If your country is not listed on the above website, you will need a Transit visa to pass through Australia by air or sea for any period of up to 72 hours even if you do not intend to leave the airport in Australia and regardless of length of stopover in Australia

If your country is listed on the above website and your transit will be longer than 8 hours you will need a transit visa (or other valid visa).

Note: Extensions of stay will not be granted to holders of transit visas.  If you are travelling to Australia for tourism or any other purpose not related to transiting to another country, you must apply for a visitor/tourist or other visa. See: Visa Types 

How to apply for a transit visa

Please note that there is no application fee payable for transit visas.

To make an application at our office, please provide the documents in the checklist below, according to your circumstances. Applications may be made by mail/courier or in person with a lodgement appointment.   See: Contact us
Please note that if you choose to apply in person we may not be able to make a decision on your application on the same day.

Document checklist  

1) For all applicants

  • Application Form 876, signed by the applicant, with all questions answered.

  • the supporting documents listed in Form 876

  • if you have included a child under 18 years of age in your application and any person with custody of the child (such as the other parent) is not travelling with the child, please see “Additional requirements for children under 18 years”.
    See: Applying for visas 

2) Ship’s crew members wishing to join or leave a commercial or merchant vessel

Crew members applying for a Transit visa should provide the additional documents indicated on Form 876.

Note: Crew members applying for a Transit visa must hold a valid Maritime Crew visa before they can be granted a Transit visa.

Crew members of foreign non-military (ie commercial) ships which are in Australia during an international voyage should hold a Maritime Crew Visa (MCV). The MCV is free of charge and valid for multiple entries by sea for 3 years. Applications may be made via the internet or by mail to DIAC Brisbane, Australia (applications cannot be lodged in Vienna). For further details, please see the DIAC website.

Crew travelling by air to Australia to join a ship will still require a valid visa for air travel to Australia, such as a Transit visa, Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), eVisitor or Visitor/Tourist visa.  

Processing times

The Embassy aims to decide all Transit visa applications on the same day as the application is lodged. However, as processing times vary according to workload and available resources, applicants are advised to apply at least 2 weeks in advance of travel.