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Agenda Item 2: Report of the Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting

Agenda Item 2: Report of the Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee

16 November 2022


Chair, thank you.

Australia has been a leading supporter of the Technical Cooperation Programme, a programme which plays an indispensable role in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Last year, the IAEA provided technical cooperation assistance to 146 countries, demonstrating the global reach, benefits, and impact, the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology present.  


Over the past 5 years, Australia has provided approximately $12 million to the TCF, and we will continue to contribute to this vital programme, including by paying our target share in full and on time.

Australia also made significant extrabudgetary and in-kind contributions to the Agency this year – including towards projects that are important to our region: South East Asia and the Pacific.


Efficient and effective management of the TC Programme will ensure the Agency continues to deliver the best possible outcomes for Member States. The work of the OIOS is particularly crucial in ensuring this, and I thank the Director of the OIOS and his team for their vital contributions.

I would like to thank Deputy Director General Liu, the Secretariat, and the Technical Cooperation Department for their hard work and continued efforts to ensure the TC Programme continues to respond effectively to the needs of Member States. I would also like to thank Canada for its important role as rapporteur for the TACC.

With this, Australia is pleased to join consensus in approving the TACC report.


Thank you, Chair.