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Resident return visas

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Resident return visas

Detailed information about Resident Return visas is available from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website.

Who is this visa for?

A Resident Return Visa (RRV) allows Australian permanent residents to travel to and from Australia as often as they wish within the validity of the visa, while keeping their status as permanent residents.  For more information about return documents for Australian residents, see:

How to apply

To make an application for a Resident Return Visa at our office, please provide the documents in the checklist below.

Applications may be made by mail/courier, or in person with a lodgement appointment. See: Contact us.
Please note that if you choose to apply in person we may not be able to make a decision on your application the same day.

Document checklist

A checklist of documents which should be included with your application for a Resident Return visa is available from the DIAC website.

For the application Form 1085,

For fee payment information, see: Fees

Processing times

For service standards for Resident Return visas,
If your application is likely to take longer than the standard processing time, we will inform you of this. Applicants are advised to lodge applications well in advance of planned travel.