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Partner migration visas

Partner Migration Visas

Detailed information about partner migration visas is available from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website.
See: and  and


Who is this visa for?

Applicants who wish to migrate to Australia as a partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident (or an eligible New Zealand citizen) may apply for one of the following visas at the Australian Embassy Vienna*:

  • Fiancé(e) – visa subclass 300 (Prospective Marriage)

  • Partner – visa subclass 309 (Partner Provisional) 

    • if you are married (or intend to marry before travelling to Australia)    or

    • if you are in a de facto relationship.

How to apply

For general information about applying for visas in Vienna, see: Applying for Visas 

To make a partner visa application in Vienna, you have two options:

Option i. Apply in person with an appointment

If you would like to lodge your application in person, please contact us by telephone at least two (2) weeks prior to the week you would like the appointment.  

Please bring all required documents and the correct fee to your appointment (see Document Checklist below).


Option ii. Apply by mail

You can also lodge your visa application by mail or courier (please include the documents in the Document Checklist below). If you apply by mail, we will advise you of an interview date by e-mail or fax (if you have authorised us to communicate with you by electronic means) or mail.

If you have not provided all relevant documents from the checklist below with your mailed application, please ensure that you bring them to your interview.

General processing information

Once your application is received, you will receive a receipt letter and file number together with the name of your case officer and information about current average processing times. 

If you have nominated another person to receive written communications on your behalf, we will send your receipt letter and all other written communications to that person.

Once a decision has been made on your application, you will be advised in writing whether you have been granted or refused a visa.

Health Examination

We will also send you a letter asking you to undertake a health check and X-ray with one of our authorised panel doctors. You may also choose to do your health check with a panel doctor before you lodge the visa application, but please be aware that costs are not refunded if your visa application is refused. For a list of panel doctors, see: Panel Doctors list

Please note that the panel doctor must send your medical examination results directly to our office, not give them to you.


Entry to Australia where a visa is granted

The holder of a partner visa can travel to and from Australia without restrictions as long as the visa is valid.  The first entry to Australia with a partner visa must, however, be made by the entry date specified on the visa. This date is determined by the medical and police clearances, both of which are valid for one year. Once a visa has been issued, the initial entry date cannot be changed.

Document checklist

Please provide the documents in the list below with your application. All official documents must be certified copies of originals (ie certified by notary public/Justice of the Peace etc), or originals may be provided together with photocopies. If for any reason you cannot supply any of the requested documents, please provide a letter of explanation.

Documents not in English must be accompanied by an official English translation. 

Any document provided in support of your application may be checked. If you are found to have supplied false and/or fraudulent supporting documents/ declarations, your application will be refused.


For all applications:

  • Form 47SP (Application for migration to Australia by a partner) and Form 40SP (Sponsorship for partner migration to Australia). See:

    Please be aware that forms are updated regularly - before you  submit a visa application please check that you have completed the most current form (see:

  • Application fee. See: Fees 

  • 1 passport-size photograph of you and one of your sponsor

  • Birth certificates for all members of your family unit (i.e. yourself and any children) - whether or not they are applying to migrate to Australia with you.  Please provide original language version plus English translation.

  • Evidence that your sponsor is an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen (eg certified copy of passport/citizenship certificate/visa label)

  • If you are married, your marriage certificate - please provide original language version plus English translation

  • If either you are your sponsor are divorced, the applicable divorce certificate(s) - please provide original language version plus English translation

  • Police clearance certificate from every country where you have stayed for a total of 12 months or more (cumulatively) in the past 10 years (including Australia).  Please provide the original certificate(s), together with a photocopy and an English translation.
    Further information is available from the Character Requirements Penal Clearance Certificates form (see link below).  If you are including children 16 years or older in your visa application, they will also need their own police clearance certificate(s).

  • If you have included in your application a dependent child over the age of 18 years, please complete Form 47A and provide evidence of the child\'s dependence on you.

  • If there is a child under 18 years of age included in the application, the sponsor must provide a National Police Check

         See: National Police Checks

  • If you have served in the military (including national service), evidence of service discharge (please provide original language version plus English translation) 

  • Form 80 (Personal particulars for character assessment) completed and signed.

  • If your application includes a child under 18 years of age, formal written consent is required from the non-migrating parent or legal guardian confirming that the child may migrate to Australia, or a court order indicating that you have sole custody of the child and may therefore determine where he/she resides. The document must be certified by an authorised person or institution (ie notary public, justice of the peace (JP) etc). If you are unable to obtain consent from the non-migrating parent, please contact our office to discuss available options. See: Contact Us

  • Additional documentation to support your application for a partner visa:
    Note: All documents must be accompanied by an explanation as to what each document is and how it is relevant to your visa application. Related documents should be grouped together and, where appropriate, dates or periods of time should be clearly marked on the documents.

    • written statements from you and your sponsor outlining the history of your relationship (eg when and how you met, significant events in the relationship, joint activities, etc.). Where you have enclosed additional supporting documents to support statements in your relationship history, eg. photos, declarations etc, please indicate clearly what each document relates to.

    • evidence of communication with your sponsor during times of separation, eg. telephone bills, letters, cards.

    • evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing eg, photographs*, statutory declarations from family members and friends and/or employer and/or other relevant persons supporting your application.
      *Photographs must be accompanied by photocopies and a description of the photograph, including place, date and the names of those people who are in the photograph. Original photos, letters, etc will be returned to you when your application is finalised.  Please do not send photograph albums or CDs - please make a small selection of relevant photos.

    • Form 888 may be used for statutory declarations. See:

  • Written statement and evidence from your sponsor demonstrating how he/she intends to meet his/her sponsorship obligations, eg evidence of employment (with salary level), evidence of property ownership or other assets, evidence of savings.

Additional requirements for Partner visa applicants only: 

Additional requirements for Prospective Marriage (Fiancé/e) visa applicants only: 

  • Notice of Intended Marriage – letter from the marriage celebrant or registrar\'s office in Australia confirming that a notice of intended marriage has been lodged.

  • Certificate from the registrar in your home country confirming that you are free to marry, eg Potvrda o slobodnom bracnom stanju (Bosnia & Herzegovina).  Where official certificates are not provided (eg Austria/Slovakia), you should provide a statutory/notarised declaration that you are free to marry.

  • Evidence that you and your fiancé(e) have met in person and are personally known to each other.