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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Kosovo, Slovakia and Slovenia

Tourist visas - other nationalities

Visitor/Tourist Visas - instructions for other nationalities

Persons currently resident in or visiting Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Slovenia or Slovakia who do not hold a passport of one of these countries, should check which type of visa they may be eligible for, by following Steps 1 to 4 below. 

Citizens of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia or Slovakia making a paper visa application to our office should refer to Step 4 below.  Citizens of Kosovo should also refer to Step 4.

If you are travelling for business purposes, please go to: Business short stay visas 

Step 1:

Check if you are eligible to apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority).  See:

Nationals of all ETA-eligible countries can apply for an ETA at travel agents, airlines or at our office (for personal application appointments, see: Contact Us

Non-EU ETA-eligible nationals can still apply for ETA on the internet - see: Internet applications - ETA   (A service fee applies for internet ETA.)

Step 2:

Check if you are eligible to apply for an eVisitor (and start an eVisitor application). SeeeVisitor 

Step 3:

Check if you are able to apply for an online e676 Tourist visa. See: Eligible passports for online e676 applications

Note: no application fee is payable by EU nationals (only) for an online e676 Tourist visa for a stay in Australia of up to 3 months.  An application fee is payable for online applications for visas for stays of 3-12 months.  For more information and help with online visa applications, see: Online visas

Step 4: (Paper application)

If you are not eligible for an online visa, you will need to lodge a paper Visitor/Tourist visa application by sending the documents in the checklist below to the Australian Embassy Vienna. 

Applications may be made by mail/courier, or in person with a lodgement appointment. See: Contact us.
Please note that if you choose to apply in person we may not be able to make a decision on your application on the same day.

Please also read Form 983i carefully before preparing your application. See:

For a checklist of documents required for paper applications, see:

If you are a national of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia or Slovenia it is not necessary to send your original passport with your application to our office; please provide a photocopy of the biodata/photo page only.

For application fee payment instructions, see: Fees

All applicants 75 years and over must undertake an Aged Visitor Health Check with one of our authorised panel doctors. Please send the health check form and evidence of your health insurance arrangements to our office  together with your visa application. 
You can download the required form at: Aged visitor health check  
For a list of panel doctors with whom you can arrange the health check, please see: